Frankly spoken…

Hello! I’m Petra Van Wickeren. I’m here to help you, your team or your organisation if you have got stuck, are going around in circles or are treading on the spot and can’t really move ahead. I am a serious adventurer, discerning seeker and curious dancer of life.

I love discovering new frontiers together! I mirror my impressions with both clarity and warmth, so that the entrenched can be freed again. My East Frisian heritage helps me to retain my confidence even in stormy times – and when it comes to the concrete implementation, I stay on board and help to navigate the storm together.

There are many consultants who accompany change, communicate the methodology for change to managers and project leaders, and help teams and individuals to become more effective and satisfied. If you are looking for a refreshing approach that incorporates all elements of “body, heart & mind”, you have come to the right place. Over and above more than 20 years of concrete experience and ongoing training as a consultant, trainer and coach (any more specific curiosity is satisfied here…), I commit my heart and soul to the projects of my clients, in an effort to help make this world a little better. In my relationships on all the different stages of life, it is important to me that they are characterized by an attitude of mutual goodwill. This creates a feeling of trust and security – and that in turn fosters development.

I owe my personal growth in recent years mainly to the discovery of Movement Medicine – the combination of joy, light-heartedness and depth in this holistic approach has really changed my life. I feel strengthened and connected to MYSELF and have a lot of tools at hand which I would like to pass on. This path has also strengthened my resolve to work hard towards living in a world in which cooperation ranks above competition, in which the impossible is simply tried out, in which craziness and unconventionality have a rightful place and in which ties and solidarity are important values. I firmly believe that this approach is not only useful for individuals but also for teams and organizations.

If this appeals to you, I would be delighted to hear from you and to get to know you personally – I am curious to see how I may support you!


I encourage people to show themselves with their truth in order to experience deep connectedness.


I do this…

  • by creating safe spaces in which development is possible – individually and in groups.
  • with a large dose of humour, a refreshing pinch of northern German straightforwardness and a selection of well-suited methods from a large toolbox.
  • with a great passion for change, growth and movement.
  • physically on site and, of course, also conveniently online.


Working with me, you will be provided with tailor-made, state-of-the-art solutions for the development of individuals, teams and organisations.  


I have always found psychology and personal development extremely exciting. I have also always loved to dance, and music was THE greatest thing anyway. When I was 18 and thinking about what I would like to do later, I really wanted to become a music and dance therapist. So I started to study psychology. In the end, the studies actually led me more into the world of business, as I wanted to understand and improve the psychology of the interaction of individuals and groups in organizations (I had very inspiring professors for occupational and organizational psychology!) I still loved to dance, but more so at parties. Numerous further trainings have imbued me with heart and soul in my following professional engagements as internal and external consultant, manager and freelancer – systemic organizational consulting, hypnosystemic coaching, consulting with the Solution Focus, transaction analysis, large group moderation, to name just a few. Over the past 20 years I have always done my job in the different roles with great passion. I love the variety in my work and the different corporate cultures I encounter at my clients.

That said, there was always a quiet voice asking “What do you bring to this world that is so very special? With so many trainers, consultants, coaches – what you do is not particularly special…”. While the question was there, the answer was still to come. 25 years after I started my studies, I found myself at a Movement Medicine workshop thanks to a recommendation. On the second day, having just drifted into a deep dance, it struck me like lightning: “That’s exactly why I started studying psychology back then! Thus, I had come full circle and it was clear to me: “I want more of this!”. I know quite a few personal development programs from my professional practice and further education, but nothing has ever been as effective and sustainably life-changing and strengthening as working with Movement Medicine. So I have embarked on this path alongside my profession as an organizational consultant, trainer and coach, and I am now in regular supervision as an Apprentice Teacher and Facilitator for Movement Medicine. Since these two worlds have existed in more of a parallel state, I am now bringing them closer together and combining “the best of both worlds” in some of my offerings by using embodiment as highly effective tool for sustainable transformation.