Rapid changes, growing uncertainty, increasing complexity and ever-widening contradictions – the term VUCA world (or new: BANI) has established itself in relation to these phenomena. COVID-19 even adds an additional component that acts as a catalyst. To what extent do we manage to operate in this world – without going crazy? As a rule, growing demands in the outside world lead us to react to them with greater effort. We invest more time, are available around the clock, learn even more effective ways of getting more done to keep up and not be left behind. It is not uncommon for this to lead to excessive consumption of recreational or more commonplace drugs and to states of exhaustion, which in the worst case end in burnout.

These are all unproductive patterns that are also mirrored in our bodies – in the manner in which we stand, walk and move. In recent years, neuroscience has repeatedly demonstrated how closely our intellectual processes in the brain are linked to our movements and emotions and that movement is pure gold when it comes to changing mental and emotional patterns!

The Resilience-Toolkit offers the possibility to very effectively break up old patterns that have ceased to be of any benefit and to change them in an enduring way – by expanding our repertoire of movement, thinking and behaviour and thus experiencing more inner freedom and serenity. This is not only healthy, but also fun!

The combination of the latest findings in neuroscience, proven methods from the field of psychology and the (re)discovery of free, intuitive movement helps to enhance one’s own self-regulation capability so as to be able to fully access all resources and competencies in challenging situations in the future and to remain healthy and content in these challenging times.

This programme also makes use of the power of mutual support – we as human are social beings and need each other. For these reasons, this programme is designed in such a way that we come together as a small, select group in multiple sessions over a specified period of time and thus learn both together and from one another all the while supporting each other.  What is needed for this program and the creation of personal change are curiosity, openness and the willingness to experiment. 

The following are the main issuesthat will be at the heart of the program if we are to track down old patterns and develop new, more helpful patterns:

  • ,Developing an awareness of yourself
  • Drivers and their dynamics
  • Dealing with polarities and dilemmas 
  • The art of deceleration
  • Setting boundaries and representing yourself powerfully
  • Resting and nourishing/ strengthening yourself
  • Awakening creativity in order to find fitting answers to important questions of life