No prior knowledge is required, every moving body is welcome!

This is a Movement Medicine™ offer for everybody who longs for being more “at home” and connect with oneself. We live in shaky times and a lot of emotions are triggered everyday and often we sway away from our center. Movement Medicine is a resource-oriented movement and mindfulness practice that helps us to come into our centre, to feel whole and connected. Movement Medicine™ is your dancing journey to enable you to digest your conscious and unconscious experiences and everything that can´t be said by words. It gives you the chance to release the tension and emotional suppressions within you, by giving those unserving stories a movement with your body and letting go and uniquely expressing your love for life through your dance. 

Usually, we feel the safest at home. Whatever our home looks like, wherever it is located – DANCE can be a HOME which we carry with us. We can connect to it easily each day. The deeper we dance, the deeper we can feel connected with ourselves and realize the beauty of interconnectedness of everything around us. 

Why dance? Movement is Life! 

·   Dance is good for your health. It brings balance in your body, heart and mind.

·   Dance is a fabulous and safe way to let go – drugfree, just with the endorphin cocktail that your hormone system provides anyway. 

·   Dance connects us to different cultures, to the seen and unseen energy around us.

 About this dancing journey

This journey is designed as a trilogy where different aspects of Movement Medicine™ are touched to help us coming home. We lean into the wisdom of our body and widen our spectrum of movement so that we can more easily express and get to know ourselves. 

Trilogy Part 1 – Dancing with YIN, YANG and YEUNG. We create all day – sometimes it´s subtle and happens in a more receptive, soft energy, sometimes it is obvious, clear, strong and intended. When these two qualities meet, the creative process of merging and evolving happens. Getting to know these strong forces better to be able to rest in them and help you feel more at HOME, wherever you are – that is the purpose of this part.

Trilogy Part 2 – Dancing with your BODY, HEART and MIND. We are human beings with enormous capacities. Aligning our body, heart, and mind in a way that they support each other in the best way possible, can make a big difference in our day-to-day life. How can we make use of this in our daily life to be a little bit MORE AT HOME in our body, heart, and mind?

Trilogy Part 3 – Dancing with the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE. Whatever we experienced in the past – the way we look at it and give meaning to it today will essentially create our future. What story do we want to tell ourselves to become more satisfied, happy, healthy, and resilient? Give this to the dancer inside yourself and create the life experience you long for to help you feeling more at HOME in your DANCE.   

The minimum that you get from this journey is the opportunity to dance in a beautiful space with exquisite music and nice dancing companions. The maximum you could receive by attending are new insights, deep transformation, and a nourished relationship with yourself and others. Doesn´t that sound like worth trying?

For more information, please contact Petra van Wickeren,, +49 163 250 5907


Tajet Garden, Alteburger Str. 250, 50968 Köln


Trilogy Part 1 – Dancing with YIN, YANG and YEUNG: 12.8., 19.8., 26.8.2022

Trilogy Part 2 – Dancing with your BODY, HEART and MIND: 16.9., 23.9., 30.9.2022

Trilogy Part 3 – Dancing with the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE: 21.10., 28.10., 4.11.2022


Fridays, at 8 p.m., duration 2-2,5 hours


Booking sessions separately: 20€

Booking part-by-part (3 sessions): 55€

Booking the entire journey (9 sessions): 150€

You can always start with one session to see if this is your “cup of tea”. If after that you want to attend more parts or the whole journey, you will be credited with the amount you have already paid. If you feel the financials are hindering you from coming – please get in touch with me , we will find a solution.

You can transfer the fees via paypal if you like, or make cash payment on the spot.

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Petra van Wickeren is a passionate lover of life in all its colours. She dances with Susannah and Ya´Acov Darling Khan, the founders of Movement Medicine™, since 2015 and is an Apprentice Movement Medicine™ teacher and facilitator. When she does not dance, she consults teams, individuals and organisations in all issues around organisational and personal development.